100: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The last few months has seen a change in the Colorado Real Estate Market. It has some Good Points, Bad Points and if you're trying to sell a house over $400k it may be Ugly. Listen as the experts debate what will happen to the market and whats been going on the last month. Our…

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097: Doomed market? C. Springs? Rehab Basics!

Listen as Tim Emery give you his spin on our doomed market, does he think we're in trouble? He also discusses Colorado Springs and why we should be buying properties there. And finally learn about why you comp houses Apples to Apples! Leave the bananas out of it!

096: Colorado's Changing Market! You must listen to this podcast!

Over the last year we have been doing this podcast our experts have said almost the same thing over and over. The market is good and we don't have anything to worry about. This month is different, this is a must listen to podcast. Find out what the experts are saying about this changing market!…

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095: Is the Crash Happening?

Do you feel like there is a slow down in the local Colorado Market? The important word is FEEL. Yes, there is a feeling that the market is slowing down but the data isn't showing that. Listen as your Colorado experts discuss the market crashing or just a seasonal slow down.   Our guest this…

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094: Did you feel a slow down this Summer?

ICOR's monthly update discusses the seasonality of the Colorado Real Estate Market. Are the numbers showing us that the bubble is going to burst or is this just what happens when people go on vacation and get ready for school? Listen to the experts!   Charles Roberts from Your Castle Real Estate. www.yourcastle.com Bill McAfee…

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093: Multi-Family Syndication with Mark Kenney

Mark Kenney from Think MultiFamily offers some choice nuggets of advice on approaches to multi-family real estate syndication. Learn the basics and some specific details from a successful industry veteran.