091: Buy and Sell Real Estate Without Paying Taxes?!

John Bowen from Equity Trust explains the ins and outs of investing your IRA in alternative assets. What are checkbook IRAs? How can you use these tax advantages to leverage your real estate business? Listen to find out!

090: Cheaper and Easier than Hard Money

Is there another way to find money? Listen as Kim Hubbard from Merchant's Mortgage talks about alternative ways to find money. Kim's been in this business long enough to see the ups and downs. She gives us some insight into what's changed and how to take advantage of this market.

089: Hard Money Made Easy

Would you pay 50% interest to buy a house? What about 25% interest? What if you were going to net $100K, would you do it then? On this podcast Tim Emery and Greg Osborn discuss the pro's and con's of using hard money and private money. Greg is one of our education sponsors at the…

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088: The Importance of Property Management

This weeks Podcast features Tim Emery and Scott Lukes, 2 property managers talking about the in's and out's of running rental properties. They get into the good, the bad and the ugly. Listen as they discuss systems and ideas on how to make your properties run smoother! Get ready for the ICOR Trade Show presented…

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087: Slow & Steady Investor Wins The Race

ICOR sits down with ColoradoBiz Editor Mike Taylor, who has an all too familiar story. Mike had a long career in newspapers and publishing, and acquired his first property in the early 90's. As he approached the great recession, he like many of us were hearing doom and gloom. What is different about Mike was…

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