120: Market Update

Join our local market experts as we delve into what is happening in the Colorado market as we enter fall.  Are interest rates helping drive sales?  Which markets are hot, which are cooling. Is the market softening? Interest rates giving us a boost? How should we price properties? Find out more from market experts Brad…

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124: How to use your hard money lender with David Nielson

What is Hard Money? What does it take to be a hard money lender?  And, how is Boomerang Capital Partners different from other lenders?  Join David Nielson and Jim Clark as we discuss how hard money works, the best ways to use it, and how your lender can be your partner to success.

119: September Market Update

Are we slowing down? What is happening region by region in Colorado? Listen as Chris Lopez (Denver Metro), Bill McAfee (Colorado Springs/Pueblo), Matt Eilers (Summit County/Grand Junction) and Brad Weed (Northern Colorado) give you the numbers and their take on what is happening in each of their markets.  

117: Think Multifamily with Mark Kenney

Many investors are interested in Multifamily ownership, but don't know how to get there, where to start, or the legal ramifications. Mark is President of Think Multifamily and talks about how he can guide investors toward multifamily ownership.  

116: How about Raising Private Money with Alan Cowgill

Alan is currently an author, a national speaker, and a private lending consultant.  He’s been featured in three newspaper articles about purchasing real estate through private lenders. Alan will show you how you can get the money you need to buy single-family houses, commercial buildings, apartment complexes, or luxury homes, regardless of your credit or…

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