106: What does a change in the markets look like?

Listen to the local experts talk about each market in Colorado. This is a discussion about change and what we are seeing in the Real Estate Market. Is the market slowing down? Are buyers running away? Are prices going down? Find out what the experts are thinking! Tim Emery From ICOR and Invest Success www.invest-success.com Chris…

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105: The Sky is falling! Or is it?

Listen as we discuss the market and how this Fall changed. Did interest rates change the market or was it something else? How do the millennial's affect what's going on in Colorado?

104: Hard Money! What else can we do with it?

This months podcast is a little different. Yes, we talk to a Hard Money lender again, but this time we find out why experienced real estate investors use it. Can you use it to buy rental properties? Can you use it to refinance? Listen as Josh Manier from Red Rock Capital tells us how to…

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103: $25k with 15 hours of work? Really?

Did Tim just make $25k with 15 hours of work? Listen as Tim Emery and Tom Zeeb discuss how to make money finding properties and wholesaling them. This is not a get rich quick scheme but a way to think about Real Estate investing in a new light.

102: From Student to Full Time Investor!

Listen as Tim Emery interviews full time investor Clint Macklin. Clint tried to become a Real Estate investor back in the hay day of 2007 and 2008. Little did he know how hard the business was. Fast forward a couple of years and find a mentor... then he's off to the races. Clint has been…

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101: December Monthly Update! Ready for a Change in the Market?

Listen as this months panel of experts talk about real estate all across Colorado. Where is the best place to invest and what is the best market? Greeley? Is the market about to change? Happy Holidays! Our guest this week are: Tim Emery From ICOR and Invest Success www.invest-success.com Chris Lopez from Your Castle Real Estate …

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