125: Note Investing with Paul Cooper of Totes of Notes

Note buying is an option for today's Real Estate Investor that looks for opportunity for potential good returns, mostly, of course outside of Colorado. Listen as Jim Clark interviews Paul Cooper with Totes of Notes to unravel a little of the mystery behind note investing.

122: Wholesaling with New Western

What are wholesalers up to these days?  Is there still room for good margins?  How do wholesalers work, can you become one?  Find out as we chat with Mia Kelly and Max Alpert of New Western.

117: Think Multifamily with Mark Kenney

Many investors are interested in Multifamily ownership, but don't know how to get there, where to start, or the legal ramifications. Mark is President of Think Multifamily and talks about how he can guide investors toward multifamily ownership.  

115: The New Wave of Investing!

Listen as Vern Harris tells us his story and how he got started real estate investing. Vern is a real estate agent with A Better Way Realty. He also found his niche in assisted living residences. Are assisted living facilities for you? He has some great tips for the newer investors out there. To reach…

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