"The Future of Short-Term Rentals (in Question?)" @ Zoom Meeting
Jul 8 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Without a doubt, standing at the epicenter of the coronavirus is the travel industry. Airlines, hotels, and a fleet of offshoot industries are now coping with the virus’s severe downstream effects. One particularly curious case study, however, is the evolving interaction between the Coronavirus and short-term rentals. At first thought, a business model that champions the democratization of lodging seems like a virus’s best friend — and one notably at risk.

However, the impact of the Coronavirus on global short-term rental markets is becoming significantly more complex with a good deal of nuances.

Join ICOR on July 8th, as we look at "The Future of Short-Term Rentals (in Question?)"


6:00 pm | Market Update & Market News with Troy Miller

  • The latest in trend analysis for the US, Colorado, and its major metropolitan areas.
  • Plus, the latest Market News affecting your business.

6:30 | Monthly Meeting: "The Future of Short-Term Rentals (in Question?)"

Joining ICOR for July Meeting will be AirDNA & Dana Lubner, Effortless Rental Group, a Colorado hospitality provider, specializing in short-term rental and boutique hotel management. Also, joining us will be a Colorado Short Term Rental Investor as we cover:

  • Stats, Trends, & Overall market Short Term Rental Market prior to 3/13?
  • What Happened, in terms of fallout or response to COVID-19?
  • What have we seen from Mar 13th to Date in terms of correction & response?
  • A snapshot of how the short-term rental market looks as a result.
  • How do STRs look to fare in the next 6 months, 12 months, and beyond?
  • Overall, best practices and the new landscape for Property Mgmt. of STR?

And if you are or are planning to invest in Short Term Rentals we discuss the sustainability from an active Colorado Short Term Rental Investor about:

  • What was your plan pre-COVID?
  • How and what did you do to pivot in place?
  • With the information provided, do STR have a play in your portfolio and what does that look like?
  • Overall, best practices for moving forward