The State of the Rental Market: What we know now, 90 days into COVID-19

On June 10th, we will have collected rents on the 1st of the month three times, and when this began, we simply didn’t know what we didn’t know. Since then, there have been a number of updated local and statewide restrictions and ordinances we want to be sure you’re aware of.


· Eviction Moratorium- Lifted? Not Lifted? Discussing Next Steps
· Demand Notices
· Updates Following Governor Polis' Press Conference
· What property management looks like now
· And, is now a good time to invest in the Colorado Rental Market?

ICOR is assembling a panel of rental market experts to have a conversation around the state of the Colorado Rental Market. Our guests include:

· Brandon Ceglian, Ceglian Law
· Nick Mertins, Atlas Real Estate
· Anthony Chara, Single & Multi-Family Rental Investor
· David Pickron, Rent Perfect Tenant Screening

Join ICOR, Wednesday, June 10th from 6 to 8 pm for this updated discussion. Come early for the networking and “haves & wants” opportunities!


6:00 pm | Haves & Wants

6:10 pm | Facilitated Networking

6:30 pm | Announcements

6:40 pm | Panel Discussion

7:40 pm | Q&A