“People Problem” Properties: Turning Other’s RE Liabilities into Your Assets

March 25, 2017 @ 8:30 am – March 26, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
The Colorado Club - Basement Classroom
4155 E Jewell Ave
Denver, CO 80222
Early: $149/pp for Members, $175/pp for Non-Members - After 3/20: $175/pp for Members, $199/pp for Non-Members

The perception of the Colorado market is that inventory is tight. Although this may be somewhat true - there are still a slew of properties waiting to be found. This workshop will help you understand the nuances behind “people problem” properties so that you can discover how to identify, navigate, and turn one’s liabilities into your asset.

The type of “people problem” properties covered in this workshop are:


This workshop will dive into this tricky topic by explaining the different types of bankruptcies and how to buy properties in this situation. Along with the do’s and don’ts, we cover who can file, and what to avoid.


This is a delicate situation, so that might be why people oftentimes overlook these types of properties. Many properties must be sold, with the money being split between former spouses. This workshop will cover how to benefit from these types of property sales.


These properties are usually one of the most lucrative for real estate. With several types of foreclosures (pre-foreclosures, auctions, vacant, bank-owned, and owner-occupied), we will cover them all as a main focus.

Tax Liens

These properties are a result of someone falling behind on property taxes. Though not as popular as you may think, people get a great return on investing in tax liens. It pays a very good percentage if the party pays you back. You can also completely acquire the house for pennies on the dollar.


These properties arise when someone passes on, and the property is sold from a relative or court process. Oftentimes sellers want to sell at a discount, because they need the money quickly. Fortunately, these properties can easily be found in public courthouse records.

Meth, Mold, Asbestos, and Radon

These properties are nothing to be afraid of. By using an air quality testing machine and an inde- pendent lab, we can verify mold (which is gold in vacant homes), lead paint, radon, meth residue, as well as other toxins.


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