Denver | Partnering & Joint Venturing Your Way to Wealth with John Burley

February 12, 2020 @ 5:45 pm – 8:30 pm
PPA Events Center
2105 Decatur St
Denver, CO 80211

'Partnering & Join Venturing Your Way to Wealth'
with John Burley

Facilitated Networking: The perfect time to get checked-in to the event and chat with other local real estate investors in attendance. Spend time meeting ICOR business associates, other investors and build your team.

Market Trends & Outlook: your up-to-date analysis on the trends in National, Regional, and Local areas. Come find out where our market is heading - valuable information no real estate investor should do without. A full analysis of Fix & Flip and Rental markets. Plus, the latest Market News affecting your business.

Main PresentationPartnering & Joint Venturing Your Way to Wealth with John Burley

You’ve probably heard of “Private Equity”, a method Wall Street used to raise money to buy literally tens of thousands of houses in the past decade. But you probably never thought that YOU could use the same basic strategies to raise money to get all the rentals you’d ever want, right?

John Burley has. In fact, he has a complete business model that allows him to get $10,000 cash on every property he and his partners buy, AND retain part of the ownership going forward. It’s this strategy he’ll be sharing, including:

  • How you can literally acquire all the properties you can manage, using other people’s money and credit
  • Where to find your potential partners, and more importantly, what to say to them
  • How to get the holy trinity of cash, cash flow, and equity in every deal you do

John has perfected his model to the point where he has personally completed over 2,000 deals. If you’re looking for a way to fix your slow, broken, acquisition and management strategy, this is it.

John Burley has over 35 years’ experience in real estate and is a best-selling author with over One Million Copies Sold. He is also the Featured Author in Donald Trump's Book, Wealth Building 101, and Robert Kiyosaki’s, The Cash Flow Quadrant.

AGENDA: (New Agenda/New Times, Come Early for a light savory dinner)

5:45 pm - Open networking

6:00 pm - Haves & Wants & Facilitated Networking

6:30 pm - Market Update & News

7:15 pm - Association News

7:30 pm - Main Presentation

8:45 pm - Meeting Adjourned

Cost: Free to Members & First Time Guests. Subsequent meetings are $25 per individual

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