Maria Giordano’s “Real Estate Wealth Machine”:

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Course 1 — Real Estate Wealth Academy 2.0

  • 3 Modules

◦1. Quick Start Introduction

◦2. Easy Marketing Strategies

◦3. Getting Your First Or Next Deal - everything you need to know

  • 24+ Lessons
  • 31 Videos

Course 2 — Real Estate Ninja Negotiations

  • 3 Modules

◦1. Introduction to Negotiations

◦2. Foundations to Real Estate Negotiations

◦3. Wrapping up your negotiations for max profits

  • 8+ Lessons
  • Videos and Case Scenarios

Course 3 — Little to No Money Down Investing

  • 3 Modules

◦1. Never Step Into A Bank

◦2. Using Other People’s Money

◦3. Wholesale Training

  • ◦19+ Lessons
  • 17 Videos
  • Fillable Forms - P&S Agreements, Credibility Kit, Option Agreements, etc

Course 4 — Lease Option Elite Training

  • 3 Modules

◦1. Introduction to Lease Options

◦2. Cooperative Lease Options

◦3. Sandwich Lease Options

  • 11+ Lessons
  • Videos and Case Scenarios
  • Fillable Forms - Killer Lease Agreement, Rent-to-Own Template, Checklists

Course 5 — Real Estate Marketing Mastery

  • 2 Modules

◦1. Introduction to Marketing

◦2. Probate Marketing

  • 9 Lessons
  • Videos
  • Fillable Forms - Letters, Mail Merge, Telephone Scripts, Property Analysis, etc

Additional Resources Included in the Home Study:

  • 3 Lifeline Calls with Maria Giordano
  • Additional Module: Fix & Flip Wealth Builder
    • Includes 3 Modules:
      • 1. Rehabbing for Max Profits
      • 2. Getting the Property
      • 3. Flipping the Property
    • 14 Lessons in Video
    • Fillable Forms - Property Analysis, Contracts, SOW, Lien Release, & more
  • 1 Ticket to Immersion Workshop
    • Three-Day Immersive Workshop | July 31 – Aug 2
    • Come away with a blueprint for your real estate investing.
    • Business strategy - investing strategy - short term/long term where you want to be and how to get there
    • Covering:
      • Marketing: The money marketing mastery wealth-building lead machine. It all starts with your system and your funnel. How to create an ATM pipeline of properties for massive passive income that you can spend.
        • 100 plus ways to market
        • Show how to run a list (list source, RealtyTrac, Zillow searches) Learn how to get leads coming in while you are in your underwear, from Zillow, FB, Craigslist...
        • Handling calls (Patlive, Grasshopper, Ruby, Google Voice,
        • Direct mail & Return to Sender Mail
        • Implementing your 5-week marketing money blueprint
      • Driving for dollars- FSBO, Vacant Land, For Rent, For Sale, Distressed Properties, Door Knocking-train others to do it for you,
        • Planning a route and Driving a route
        • The correct way to door knock: What to say, where to stand, and how to make offers on the spot using our postcards. High yield for deals-door knocking works! So do your best to embrace it
      • Private Money | How to Find PM, Setting Appointments, Scripts for setting the appointment, and what to say at the appointments
        • The Psychology behind the scripts -- (This is BIG it’s the HOW and WHY it works
        • Rewiring your mindset from asking for money to providing an opportunity
        • Handling the money to fund your deals, how much to ask for. When to partner and when to borrow from private lenders.
        • Overcoming Objections
        • Never step into a bank again
        • Credibility Kit/Presenting Deals
      • Negotiating & Making offers | The seller has one house to sell and you have thousands to look at. How to construct offers that get accepted. Price v Terms and why the price is irrelevant.
        • Taking Negotiations even deeper and the Case Studies to go with it
        • OK saying no so you can overcome their objections and we explain the psychology as to why it works so well.
        • How extreme anchoring is necessary to justify your low ball offers and the psychology as to how it works.
        • How we use price ranges to anchor the seller to agree on your price.
        • key negotiation phrases that will make you, and save you, a ton of money so you can build your wealth at a quick pace
        • Little to no Money Deals-Subject To’s, Wraps, Deal Structuring, Case Studies, Free and Clear properties, Probates, Lease Options
        • How to sell on lease options so you do little to no rehab on your holds and make land-lording simple.

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