The TOP 10 Rules to Door Knocking for Real Estate Investors

Door Knocking Rules

By Pete Youngs   A.K.A. Mr. Rehab

Here are just a few of many rules that investors should use when door knocking.


  • Do not go door knocking alone. There is safety in numbers and you will not only feel more confident but they can provide support and help navigate your property list.
  • When you knock, step back from the door as much as you can. This gives your prospect space so they do not feel threatened and will be more responsive to you.
  • Do not start your knocking too early in the morning. Most people have a morning routine or have kids to get off to school. They will have time for you if they are done.
  • On the same note, do not go too late. Ten to four works well because they have had time to get the kids off. Plus no one wants to be bothered after four or so because they will probably be cooking or eating dinner. NEVER go at or after it gets dark.
  • Practice over and over with friends or a partner the questions you will ask and information you can provide. Educate yourself on the neighborhood they live in.
  • Professionals who teach will normally train you by using a script so you say and do the right things. However, you don’t want to sound scripted so memorize your lines.
  • Sometimes door knocking takes more than one trip. To open the dialogue, you should simply introduce yourself and tell them what you do. Give them your contact info.
  • If the person answering shows no interest in talking about the property that they live in, ask them if they know someone who may be interested and have them call you.
  • Dress in clothing that would be the norm for that area. Don’t overdress as you may just want to be casual. If suits and pant suits came to my door, I’d be intimidated.
  • The biggest rule is to just get your name out as a friendly and honest person who is interested in buying in the area. Be easy going and soft sell your offers. It works!!


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