Tiny-Home Community Cleared to Serve Some of Denver’s Homeless

In an effort to address homelessness, the Department of Community Planning and Development in Denver has issued a temporary zoning permit for a planned tiny home development.

Located at 38th and Walnut streets, this proposed development could provide up to 14 homeless people shelter, while also providing a communal kitchen, bathrooms and showers.

These homes are targeted for residents who often face barriers while staying at standard shelters, such as couples staying together, or keeping pets.

The problem with these temporary zoning permits however, are that they are just that - temporary.

"The way it is approved, we will have to be moving every six months,” said Terese Howard, an organizer with Denver Homeless Out Loud. As a result, they are actively trying to create permanent zoning to combat this issue.

The great thing about these tiny-homes are that have a little bit of mobility. Once built, the homes can be placed on flat-bed trucks and transported to another place as needed.

Currently construction for this Beloved Community Village is being funded from foundations and private donors. Although the group has raised more than $20,000 from their GoFundMe page, there is still a lot more help needed.

Click here for the full article from the Denver Post.

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