Are you prepared for the future?

You might not even be thinking of your future right now. You may be just trying to get the extra money to pay off student loans, make your life a little better, experience financial freedom – there are a lot of reasons to be a Real Estate Investor. Preparing for your future is the most…

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6 questions to think about as the year comes to a close

Are you ready to wrap up 2014 Ready or not 2015 is right around the corner. But before you jump into the New Year there are a few things you need to consider as this year comes to a close: Real estate investors are only as good as their strategy— after 10 months of working…

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5 Tax Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making

We’re just going to go ahead and say it… most real estate investors haven’t got a clue when it comes to creating a comprehensive tax plan. And we kinda get why. Tax planning is difficult and requires some professional help—and we mean more than just Google. So we asked our friends at Estill & Long,…

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