How Colorado Investors can Tackle Affordable Housing

It’s no secret that high demand and lack of inventory are causing housing prices to soar in Colorado. But where does that leave those that cannot afford it? Per the Denver Post, “Colorado’s affordable-housing crisis is pushing many Coloradans to the brink of homelessness, forcing them to skimp on food and other necessities, and threatening…

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Renters Warehouse Denver

Point of Contact: Nick Reaves 3600 S. Beeler St #150 Denver, CO 80237 Phone: 303-600-8383 Web:

You’re Officially Priced Out of the Single Family Rental Market

How to avoid the next real estate bubble When was the last time you found a reasonably priced, single family home in your area? Better yet, when was the last time you found a reasonably priced, single family home that didn’t require crazy amounts of work to get it up to rental condition? We’re willing…

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The Murderer Living In Your Rental

How comprehensive tenant screening can spare you Too often we hear landlords bemoan the long tenant screening process we advise but the truth is — if you don’t screen your tenants there is a very real chance you’ll rent to a murderer, fraud or fugitive.  Or at the very least someone with crappy credit, poor…

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Transunion SmartMove

Primary Contact: Andrew Nevins (720) 361-9098 6430 S. Fiddler's Green Circle #500 Greenwood Village, CO 80111 For Frequent Asked Questions Click Here If you are a current client of TransUnion SmartMove, Please email Andrew Nevins, and have your account moved into ICOR's program to start saving on tenant screening. Proof of Membership is required…

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To Roll or Not to Roll—what landlords need to know about Amendment 64: Facts every landlord needs to read about recreational and medical marijuana

The legalization of medical and recreation marijuana usage has forced the hand of Colorado landlords pushing them to make a decision about whether or not they will allow tenants to use medical marijuana or other consumables in or on their property. And it’s a decision that can’t be made lightly. Amendment 64 has created an…

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