Once You Have Seen the “Magic”, You Cannot “Unseen It!"

by Duke Marquiss, ICOR Member & Instructor for ICOR's Powerful Financial Calculator Workshop

You have most likely used the calculator in the past but only to balance your checkbook and to add and subtract numbers.  Our schools have failed us in the mastery of letting money make us money.  Once you have seen the “magic”, you cannot “unseen it”.

I have taken an income stream and solved someone’s pain for cash, at the same time, saved someone from losing an asset and have made above average yield on their money for others, while making money for me and my family. A true WIN, WIN, WIN!!!!

Did you ever buy a new car and you have never seen a car with this color before, only to find that you can’t turn the corner without seeing one that is just like yours or stop at a stop light and see at least one other car that is the same color as yours?  As in this case, you will recognize opportunity all around you.  I was 66 years old and had used a calculator since you had to have a little magnetic strip slipped in for whatever formulas that you wanted to use.  Until I attended a seminar that totally blew me away.  The light came on and I could “see”.  I now look at the world in a totally different light.

I have been able to make very high yields in a financial climate that stifles most.  When I say high yields, I mean 8%-12% range.  If I told you how high of yields that can be created, you would not believe me and would not attend the class.  Can you say “obscene yields”?  I can create yields when buying or renting something.  This information and results have to be shared with everyone, your family, friends, church and business associates.

The Powerful Financial Calculator workshop will heighten your awareness for finding deals, and show you that lowballing offers isn’t the ONLY strategy for investors.

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