Offset Carrier Rate Increases with the National REIA Shipping Program

The cost to ship and receive small packages is increasing again with the start of the new year. Although the cost impacts to you will vary based on your shipping characteristics, most buyers of small package services can expect to see cost increases of 4-5% or more based on recent announcements made by the major service providers.

FedEx recently announced that the cost to ship an overnight envelope with FedEx Express® will increase by a net average of 3.9%, while the cost to ship a FedEx Ground® shipment will increase an average of 4.9%.

UPS also announced that its air and international rates will increase by a net average of 4.9%, and that its ground shipment rates will increase 4.9% on average.

If you ship or receive small packages, now is the time to enroll in the National REIA Shipping Program and receive the following great savings benefits as part of your membership:

  • Save up to 26%* on select FedEx Express services
  • Save up to 12% on select FedEx Ground services
  • Save up to 10% on select FedEx Home Delivery® services

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PartnerShip®, the shipping management provider for National REIA, provides real, bottom-line savings for all members. There are no minimum shipping requirements or obligations. If you already use FedEx, simply enroll in the program and the discounts will be linked to your existing account.

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*Includes a bonus 5% online processing discount. Full details available at