Never Stop Learning, Says This Fort Collins Dynamic Duo

Shawna and Brad Lowell are husband-and-wife real estate investment team based in in Fort Collins. Both former licensed appraisers, they started investing together 2002.

“We both love real estate investing and had the same goals,” said Shawna.

Their company is Dynamic Real Estate, Services Inc. Their investments have included multifamily units and single family homes and flips.

Both are Colorado-licensed real estate agents. MLS access is one big reason for that. Another is contact other investors. “We work and have worked with lots of investors. Being involved with their investments and strategies has been lots of fun,” she said.

“We are both very conservative, and we feel real estate is the safest sort of investment. We can borrow money to purchase investments, unlike the stock market or other investments. We like having control over our investments and being involved”

What does a typical day look like?

“We get up at seven or earlier and work with our buyers and sellers. We watch MLS for new listings and sold comps. We stay current on the real estate market by watching every day. We try to make all the ICOR meetings to stay motivated and learn from the other investors.”

The market changes constantly, Shawna noted. Their advice to other investors, new or experienced. “Brainstorm about the best ways to invest in the current market.”

ICOR is a big part of their success. “Go to meetings and learn as much as you can. Read books and take lots of classes. Talk to other investors to learn as much as you can. Keep an open mind and never stop learning!”