Millennials Favor “Vacation Moves”

If you have Millennial next door neighbors, chances are they won't be staying too long. According to Mayflower's recent survey, Millennials (18-35 year olds) are flocking to popular cities, however they have no intention of staying there.

The 2017 Mayflower Mover Insights Study focused on moving trends for Millennials and quickly discovered that 41% of them are "vacation movers". This means, they move to popular cities but ultimately choose to set down their roots somewhere else. In fact, 53% of those survey said they are likely to make a temporary "vacation" move in the next 5 years.

“Our Mayflower agents across the country are moving Millennials as they explore new cities, jobs and experiences, but our research shows that this generation does have plans to eventually settle down and choose a city as their permanent home,” said Melissa Sullivan, Director, Marketing Communications, Mayflower. “The findings of this year’s Mayflower Mover Insights study reinforce what our agents are hearing every day – Millennials are excited about their new homes, jobs and adventures.”

Mayflower lists the top reasons for "vacation moves" are: working at a new job, wanting a new lifestyle or experience, or to find a new job.

Many are drawn to urban cities with 69% currently residing in, or near, a major city. The top cities attracting Millennials are:

  1. San Francisco, Calif.
  2. Los Angeles, Calif.
  3. Washington, D.C.
  4. Seattle, Wash.
  5. Chicago, Ill.
  6. New York, N.Y.
  7. Dallas, Texas
  8. Denver, Colo.
  9. Houston, Texas
  10. Atlanta, Ga.




Click here to read the full results from Mayflower.

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