Key to Success… Network your butt off

6 tips to better your networking skills


Have you ever been approached by someone, maybe an acquaintance, they’re a little nervous, and they ask you for help on a project? Sure, you might be inclined to support them but they can’t really communicate what they need from you or you don’t see how you really fit into the project.

That’s bad networking!

The person in need of help hasn’t spent a lot of time thinking about their pitch and you (the askee) might not see your value and skills the way they (the asker) does.

It’s a pretty common example of communication disconnect. People typically want to help other people. Sometimes because they get the pure altruistic joy of service, other times they like to build a stock pile of favors to call in later. Either way… being able to tap into humankind’s innate desire to be needed can make all the difference in your business. You just gotta know how to network!


Check our 6 tips and tricks below:

  1. Have an elevator pitch — if you can’t clearly convey who you are, what your business does and what you are looking to accomplish in 90 seconds or less… you’re going to lose your audience. A Princeton study found that it takes a person 1/10th of a second to make a judgment based on facial appearance alone. So slap a smile on your face and introduce yourself like a champ!
  2. Know what you bring to the table — a big part of networking is knowing what you bring to the table. Spend time talking to people. Find out what projects they are working and what their passions are. There might be a chance you can help someone. If so, take the time to offer your services.
  3. Get yourself out there — you will never meet anyone of you don’t leave your comfort zone. Find professional associations to join, take classes at the local college on learning annex or attend community events. Ask a friend for a strategic intro to someone you think you need to get in front of.
  4. Be prepared — business cards are crucial to a networking pro. No one wants to write their info on the back of a receipt. Spend the $10 and invest in simple, easy to read business cards. Even take the time to write on the back where you and the person met or what sparked your conversation. Chances are when they pull the card out their pocket, they’ll flip it over and see your note and it’ll jog their memory.
  5. Recognize value in others — don’t just arbitrarily try to connect with big shots or people with who you think will get you in the door. It is more likely that you will meet someone unexpectedly who has all the skills, knowledge and connections you need. Don’t be blinded by the big shot.
  6. Be willing to be a partner — the long term value of networking is the partnerships you will develop with people. Be good to those that offer their hand to you. Follow-up, say thank you and keep in touch. Cultivating a relationship is more important than you know.


October’s ICOR meetings will have a full session dedicated to networking, deal presentations and haves and wants! Join us and see if these tips help you network your butt off.


October Meeting Agenda & Logistics:

6:00-7:00pm: The Investor Lab — Join us for one or all of the following:Food Served from 6:00-7:00pm

  • Networking
  • Workshop Troubleshooting Forum
  • "Hot Seat" featuring an expert in deal finding, marketing, financing
  • Team & Resource Building
  • Haves & Wants and Sharing Success

7:00-8:30pm: Main Meeting — Deal or No Deal Live!

8:30pm: Continued Open Networking



Tuesday, October 13th

Colorado Springs Monthly Meeting – Deal or No Deal LIVE!
Wednesday, October 14th

Denver Monthly Meeting – Deal or No Deal LIVE!
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Thursday, October 15th

Northern Colorado Monthly Meeting – Deal or No Deal LIVE! 
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