Investor VS City: Is It True What They Are Saying?

What can Colorado investors can learn from worldwide growth trends?

Recently, The Economist published a thought provoking article on the worldwide population explosion happening in our major cities. The article aptly titled, Man vs City, really got us thinking about how international growth concerns echo some of our own growing pains here in Colorado.

While international growth apprehensions center on the instability of infrastructure, development of slums and increased overpopulation, in already densely populated cities like Hong Kong; we do share some also share some common worries.

1. What happens when populations reach saturation?

Typically when a population reaches saturation you see forced migration to new areas where jobs are more plentiful and homes are more reasonably priced. Planning for new build homes and metro corridors, with a focus on expanding new industries to create jobs, will help address population saturation. The key in planning is to account for expected growth and ensure there are enough resources to meet the need of your population.

2. What will ultimately slow population growth?

Poor resource planning coupled with continued economic insecurity and population saturation will slow population growth. When a city loses its inhabitants other sectors of the economy also suffer. You then have to worry about brain drain, no new job growth, and the loss of industry like major retailers and agriculture.

3. Where will resources come from?

Colorado city and county governments are preparing to address metro-area growth and resource utilization by working in partnership with one another. Concerns like water, power, transportation and industry growth top their list. Each county or city has put together plans to meet the needs of our state and they’ve included constitutes. To voice your concerns visit your local city and/or county website.

Obviously, these three questions will greatly impact what your investing strategy looks like over the next few decades. ICOR encourages our investors to spend some time learning more about what local governments are doing to deal with growth and work in partnership with them—as housing providers we play a key role in urban development.

Ready to learn more about how statewide growth will impact your investing and what our local governments are doing to prepare? Join us at the November meetings for our market update and regional planning panel.

November Meeting Agenda & Logistics: 
Regional Planning & Development Panel: How Will Your Real Estate Business Be Impacted?
  • 6:00-6:15: Guest Orientation and Open Networking
  • 6:15-6:45pm: Early Meeting— Market Analysis: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going and What to Expect Next
  • 6:45-7:00pm: Announcements /Deal of the Month/Buy, Sell, Trade
  • 7:00-8:30pm: Main Meeting— Regional Planning & Development Panel: How Will Your Business Be Impacted?
  • 8:30pm: Continued Open Networking
Tuesday, November 11th  
Colorado Springs Monthly Meeting - Regional Planning & Development Panel: How Will Your RE Business Be Impacted 

Wednesday, November 12th   
Denver Monthly Meeting - Regional Planning & Development Panel: How Will Your RE Business Be Impacted? (Click For More Information)
Thursday, November 13th

Northern Colorado Monthly Meeting - Regional Planning & Development Panel: How Will Your RE Business Be Impacted?
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