The Importance of ICOR Shark Tank Explained

Learning from a live case study will change your game

It’s no secret that the ICOR Shark Tank has become a staple at the December meeting. We never imagined the power this simple live case study (and social experiment) would have on our members. What started out as a great way to engage our audience and impart some important lessons on the power of a well thought out deal has turned into a one of the most significant if not subversive meetings of the year.

And we’ve finally figured out why.

Recently, we ran across this comment left on our site:

“We do our marketing, our searching, our research... and then what? I am frozen at the contract. There are a lot of classes on rehabbing, analyzing, wholesaling, financing, etc. But I haven't seen any training on the contract process. Writing, presenting, what to include, what is right or not, what is legal, how to get over the fear of the contract.”

And this ICOR member is right. Most investors have all the knowledge and information they need to successfully implement strategy but when it comes to closing a deal they don’t know where it starts.

Enter Shark Tank!

Dave Lund, ICOR co-founder, argues that the best way to learn is to “find someone doing what you want to be doing and hound them, follow them, learn from them and then find your own path along the way.”

Shark Tank lets you do just that… learn from the example from others.  This live case study offers powerful and sometimes embarrassing criticism. You learn what to include in your presentation and contracts. You learn how to design a deal that will appeal to investors. And believe us, if you’re doing something illegal our panel of sharks will tell you.

Lund sums up the truth about deals pretty simply, “some are simple and a ‘slam dunk’ while others have a little hair on them.”

The key is to know your property and know what you want out of the deal. Then you need to be able to clearly and concisely present the deal. Clearly outline why this deal is something your potential investor can walk away from.

Lund goes on to say, “People get stuck in the basic ways of doing deals and a creative twist or partner can change the deal in a positive way. [Shark Tank teaches people to] look at opportunities in new ways.

Think you’re ready to face the sharks?