ICOR Monthly Meeting - How to Put Together Profitable Partnerships and Joint Ventures

In Colorado’s lucrative real estate market there are tons of bargains to be found, that’s IF you can come up with the cash.  Many people are lacking capital, tapped out, or can’t qualify for bank financing.

What’s the solution?  Partners!

Attorney Bill Bronchick will speak at ICOR on Thursday, Sept. 23,2010 about how you can create lucrative partnerships in real estate.

From simple buy and flip to apartment buildings, Bill will discuss how to structure these deals safely and easily with minimum headaches and legal risk.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Joint ventures vs. partnerships
  • What entities to use to take title
  • How to split the profits
  • How to borrow your partners’ credit
  • How to overcome the risks and pitfalls of partnerships

And much more!

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