Foreclosure Deals

5 Simple Steps

Learn The Five Simple Steps to Buying Secret Un-listed Foreclosure Properties At Under 60 Cents On The Dollar At The Colorado Public Trustee Auctions!

The infomercials make it look so easy!

When you follow the exact steps & use the proven resources, you are going to see that it really can be safe
and easy.

If you want to learn the secrets that most real estate investors will never know about the Colorado Foreclosure process and the easy steps to successfully and safely buy properties before, at, and after the Foreclosure Auctions, then you need to join us on Thursday, November 18th at the monthly ICOR meeting.

At this event you will learn:

  • The “Day by Day” Default and Foreclosure Timelines You Must Know
  • 3 Secrets You Need To Find Mostly Unlisted Short Sale, Foreclosure, and REO properties hidden from most investors
  • The #1 reason most real estate investors fail when preparing to bid on a property – and exactly how NOT to make this same mistake
  • 4 easy ways to bid at the auction and look like a pro even when it’s your first time;  if you want to tap into this highly lucrative
    buying strategy, you can’t miss this information

You’ll learn 3 serious risks you face when buying at the auction that cost you every dime you have – this is big
5 easy ways to protect yourself and your money so you don’t make amateur mistakes that are easily avoided, if you know what we are going to teach you
Plus, up-to-date important foreclosure trends will be revealed, to teach you exactly how you can quickly pick the best deals in the shortest amount of time

About Our Speaker

Aaron Lebovic is a third generation real estate investor, an expert in distressed real estate, and a Director at the Denver Board of Realtors.  Over the past 8 years of active investing, Aaron has negotiated, managed, and coordinated transactions on over 130 properties in 4 states, totaling over $23 Million in value. He has become the go-to guy for training Realtors®, mortgage brokers, and investors on subjects related to distressed property, real estate financing, investment strategy, negotiations, and property management.