Does Door Knocking Work In Today’s Market?

By Pete Youngs   A.K.A. Mr. Rehab

If you are anything like me, then you probably have had many instances of people knocking on your door for one reason or another. I have had people knock to sell Girl Scout Cookies and I don’t mind that as I like the cookies and support the cause. However, If you are selling something I am not interested in, then I would rather not be bothered.

Now let’s look at door knocking as a whole. My first exposure to door knocking for real estate came from watching my brother Tony Youngs doing it. He is a national expert on Hidden Markets and for over two decades we have been taking people in the field teaching them what we do. We have had great success teaching acquiring and rehabbing properties.

Real estate agents have been using this technique and are taught to use this as a lead generation tactic as well as to get possible listings and get very good results from it. Real estate investors can benefit from this too as this is something not everybody does. Let’s go into why door knocking is not exactly a favorite move on people today.

Most investors have a fear of going to doors. They are afraid of what may be on the other side of the door or who may answer. They may be afraid if they hear a dog barking when they knock. Some feel as if the person answering the door will get mad or upset that you are there. This is something that you must get over. As a general contractor going door to door looking for renovation jobs and being with Tony, we have very rarely had a bad experience and we are talking nationwide, not just locally. Statistics show that a face to face conversations get a more positive result by far than just leaving a flyer or such.

That being said, let’s get you over the fear of knocking on doors because those who don’t do it are losing more than half the deals they could be closing. First you should get with your real estate group and see if they have an expert that teaches a program on knocking. Even better, the expert takes you in the field and takes you to the doors as you watch the instructor do the whole process live in front of you.

Door knocking can be one of the best things in your real estate arsenal if you are taught the do’s and don’ts before you try it on your own. There are times of the day that are better than others to knock so you are not too early as people may have a morning routine or need to get kids off to school. If you go too late, they may be in the middle of preparing or eating dinner. Weekdays are always ok but remember more people are home on weekends than during the week due to jobs and such.

You should be taught with a script, but in your conversation you don’t want to sound scripted. It makes a difference where you stand as they come to the door so they feel at ease with you. Also, don’t go for the kill ( hard push ) on this visit. You should just open up a conversation and let it go wherever it goes. Go with the flow. Make sure to come off as helpful and friendly and they will open up to you. Remember, if you get with your local real estate group and get an expert that they recommend then door knocking could very well become your best asset in acquiring deals in real estate.

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