Construction Bill Dies at the Capitol

(DENVER POST) - A bill that would have given a developer the right to repair a construction error before being sued by a homeowner died in committee Wednesday, becoming the first of a series of legislative measures introduced this year meant to reform Colorado’s construction defects law to meet its end.

House Bill 1169 failed to clear the Democratic-majority House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Wednesday.

The bill stipulated that a construction professional would have the right to inspect a property with an alleged defect and choose to either repair it or offer to settle the matter before a homeowner could file a lawsuit seeking damages. Litigation over shoddy construction work has been blamed by reform advocates for impeding new condominium projects in Colorado.

HB 1169 was one of half a dozen bills introduced this session meant to tackle various elements in the construction defects debate, which includes capping insurance costs, using arbitration over litigation and requiring homeowner consent before legal action is taken in a defects dispute.

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